Aixam Vision

Aixam hálozat

Az elmúlt 25 évben az AIXAM-nak lett a legjobb és legnagyobb országos lefedettségű hálózata.

Napjainkban a francia területen egy 130 kereskedőből , valamint 900 ügynökből álló hálózattal az AIXAM bármilyen felmerült vevői kérést kezelni tud.


Its position as French and European market leader since 1987, together with strict and contractual selection of its partners, a system introduced in the late 1970s, contributes to the quality and professionalism of the distribution network.
Distribution, in France, has become the business of specialist garages who have now joined the AIXAM network.

These professionals specialising in "no licence" cars will be able to give you all the information you need concerning sales and maintenance of your car. You can be sure of a high standard of service and every attention.
You can also find out everything you need to know about insurance, assistance, credit, sales of new and secondhand vehicles, leasing, purchases of secondhand vehicles, etc.

Our image as the leading European manufacturer, together with the quality of our products, form the basis of our customers' assurance of the professionalism and security that they are entitled to expect. Marketing is supported by a network of professional and efficient dealers, selected for their expertise.